Supporting Organizations

There is global interest to see the EU develop a more precautionary approach to managing toxic chemicals and protecting health as well as giving other governments an example of what can be done. That is why the campaign has received wide support by not-for-profit organisations. The joint HEAL and CIEL campaign has already received the support of the following groups:

  1. AAA — Action group of workers and academics (Denmark)
  2. Action for Breast Cancer Foundation (Malta)
  3. Alliance for Cancer Prevention (UK)
  4. Alliance for Childhood European Network Group (EU)
  5. Arnika, Toxics and Waste Programme (Czech Republic)
  6. Association de l’Education Environnementale pour les Futures Générations (Tunisia)
  7. Breast Cancer UK
  8. BUND – Friends of the Earth Germany
  9. Cancer Prevention and Education Society (UK)
  10. Center for Environment (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  11. Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland (UK)
  12. CHEM Trust (UK)
  13. Community Hygiene Concern (UK)
  14. Corporate Europe Observatory
  15. Ecologistas en Acción (Spain)
  16. E.K.PI.ZO (Greece)
  17. Ekumenická akademie, z.s. (Czech Republic)
  18. European Academy for Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM)
  19. Fédération Inter-Environnement Wallonie (Belgium)
  20. FBOMS Chemicals Working Group (Brazil)
  21. Fracking Free Ireland
  22. Friends of the Earth Europe
  23. Friends of the Earth (USA)
  24. Gezinsbond (Belgium)
  25. Hazards Campaign (UK)
  26. Hazards Magazine (UK)
  27. Health and Trade Network (International)
  28. Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe
  29. International Society of Doctors for Environment (ISDE)
  30. International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) Europe
  31. International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) Italy
  32. IPEN (International)
  33. Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association (Ireland)
  34. Klimaat -en vredesactiegroep Pimpampoentje (Belgium)
  35. Kom op tegen Kanker (Belgium)
  36. Land and Human to Advocate Progress (Jordan)
  37. Landsbond van Liberale Mutualiteiten (Belgium)
  38. May Day — Information Centre for Health and Freedom (Denmark)
  39. PowerShift (Germany)
  40. Rompe el silencio (Spain)
  41. Sciencecorps (USA)
  42. SESPAS — Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration
  43. Solidarity Bulgaria
  44. The Ecological Council (Denmark)
  45. TOXISPHERA Environmental Health Association (Brazil)
  46. Umanotera, The Slovenian foundation for sustainable development
  47. Union Nationale des Mutualités Neutres (Belgium)
  48. Vlaamse Vereniging voor Obstetrie en Gynaecologie (Belgium)
  49. Wemos Foundation (the Netherlands)
  50. Women in Development Europe (WIDE+)
  51. Women in Europe for a Common Future (International)